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 Appetizers-Small Bites

Soutzoukakia (gf) 15.00
spiced lamb meatballs in tomato sauce

Loukaniko 15.00
Grilled all natural Greek Sausage  

Keftethes (gf) 15.00
beef meatballs seasoned w/ fresh mint & oregano

Dolmathes (vg) 12.00
grape leaves stuffed with rice

Melitzana me Tyri (v) 12.00
grilled eggplant with garlic, oregano & feta

Sparaggia (v) 12.00

oven roasted asparagus with evoo, dill & feta

Spanakopita (v) - 2 PER 6.00
filo pie of spinach, feta & leeks

Gigantes (vg) 12.00
baked giant beans in tomato broth

Pantzaria (v) 12.00
organic beets served with greek yogurt

Patates Sto Fourno (vg) 8.00
oven roasted potatoes with lemon & oregano

Tabbouleh (vg) 12.00
organic quinoa, lots of parsley, & mint

Greek Fries 8.00
house fried potatoes with oregano & feta

Feta with Olives $14.00

Manouri Cheese with honey $14.00


Fakes (vg) 8.00
lentil soup with carrots & celery

Avgolemono 9.00
traditional egg lemon soup with chicken & rice




Hummus (vg) - garbanzo & tahini

Tzatziki - yogurt & cucumber

Tyrokafteri - Feta & hot peppers

Taramosalata - whipped caviar

Side of Homemade Pita 2.00

Side of Whole Wheat Pita 3.00


Crudités - vegetable sticks 6.00



Spartan 25.00
8oz grass fed sirloin cut grilled on a bed of baby greens,
tomatoes olives & feta

Odyssean 25.00
shrimp with field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta &

Horiatiki 18.00
Hellenic salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions,
bell peppers, feta, & olives

Feta Salad 18.00
mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and feta with light
balsamic vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salad 20.00
grilled chopped chicken breast atop our Feta Salad

Ionian Salad 25.00
chunks of grilled salmon on a field of greens, tomato
& feta


Kabobs - Souvlaki

Served with  one side choice of feta salad , lemon potatoes or rice. (veggie souvlaki has preset side see below).

Salmon Souvlaki 30.00
grilled organic marinated salmon skewer

Chicken Souvlaki 20.00
chicken breast skewer, grilled with Grecian herbs

Beef Souvlaki 30.00
beef skewer, grilled with Grecian herbs

Grilled Vegetable Souvlaki 16.00
grilled vegetable skewer, served with potatoes and tzatziki


Lamb Souvlaki- New Zealand leg of lamb skewer grilled 36


Shrimp Souvlaki- Grilled tiger shirmp

skewer 30


Greek Specialties

Served with one side choice of feta salad, potatoes or rice

Moussaka 25.00
Traditional casserole of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes and ground beef topped with light béchamel sauce.

Pastitsio 25.00
traditional casserole style baked pasta seasoned with beef
with béchamel sauce

Chicken Olympia- chicken breast , three cheeses,roasted peppers, cilantro & red onions wrapped in filo pastry 33.00

A la Horio  25.00

linguini, fresh roma tomato sauce, basil, kalamata olives, myzithra cheese.

Macaronia me Kotopoulo 30.00

chunks of tender chicken brestin fresh roma tomato sauce on a bed of penne topped with myzithra cheese. 

Macaronia me Garides- 39.00 large shrimp in a delphi wine and tomato sauce over linguini with parmesan 

Gyro Sandwiches

A Pita Sandwich folded & dressed with tzatziki, onions, tomatoes. 

Served with house made French Fries or Feta Salad

Traditional 19.00

sliced ground beef and lamb

Chicken 19.00

chunks of tender grilled chicken breast

Veggie Gyro 19.00

grilled zucchini & eggplant,  onions, tomatoes & tzatziki.

Ala Carte - $14.00. No sides.  



Coke 4.00  (MX 5.00)
Diet Coke 4.00
Sprite 4.00  (MX 5.00)
Orange Fanta 4.00
Lemonade 4.00
Ice Tea 4.00
Arnold Palmer 4.00

L.Sparkling Water  8.00  (sm 3.95)
L.Still Water  8.00  (sm 3.95)



Kataiti Ekmek 9.00
shredded filo dough in layers with honey, vanilla custard, and whipped cream with drizzled

Baklava 9.00
layers of filo toasted almonds, walnuts, drizzled with honey

Greek Yogurt 8.00
authentic Greek yogurt topped with traditional Greek sour cherry preserves

Rizogalo 8.00
rice pudding, houndalas family recipe made fresh with dusted cinnamon


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